Gundamaraju Varadaraja Rao (ಗುಂಡಮರಾಜು ವರದರಾಜರಾವ್) (ji. varadarAj rAv) was a well known scholar and critic particularly in the field of ‘Haridasa Sahitya’. He was born in Bangalore and educated in Mysore . He obtained his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Mysore . ‘Kumararamana Sangatyagalu’ was the topic of his doctoral dissertation. He started his career in the University of Mysore as a lecturer in Kannada and retired as a Professor in the Post Graduate centre of the same University at Mangalore. He was in charge of the editorial work of Haridasa Sahitya sponsored by the U.G.C. for a few years after his retirement.

He is best known for his editing of the works of Sripadaraja and Sri Mahipatidasa. He has accomplished this task very meticulously using a number of manuscripts. He has also written a volume titled ‘Haridasa Sahitya Sameekshe’. He has published three volumes of critical essays called ‘Sahitya Sannidhya’, ‘Sri Purandaradasaru mattu avara Keertanegalu’ and Padinudi’. “Vijayadashami’, ‘Sereyalu’, (sereyALu) Tottilu’ (toTTilu) and ‘Torana’ (tOrana) are his poetry collections.

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