UPADHYE A.N., 1906 -1975 A.D.


Dr A.N.Upadhye, (AdinAtha nEminAtha upAdhye) (ಆದಿನಾಥ ನೇಮಿನಾಥ ಉಪಾಧ್ಯೆ) a well known scholar in Pali, Prakrit and Jainlogy has contributed handsomely to the research activities in Kannada particularly in connection with the areas of his expertise. He was well versed in Kannada, even though his life was spent outside the conventional boundaries of state. He was born in Sadalagaa, a small town in Belgaum district and received his early education at the Willingdon College , Sangli. He obtained his post graduate degree from the Bhandarkar research Institute, Poona . Dr Upadhye served as a lecturer in Ardha Magadhi at the Rajarama College , Kolhapur , Maharashtra. He was the founding professor and Head of the department of Jainology and Prakrit Studies at the Mysore University during 1971-75. He represented the Government of India in Inter National Conferences held at Canberra, Australia, Paris and Belgium . He was honoured with the president ship of the Kannada Sahitya Sammelana held in 1967 at Shravanabelagola.

Dr .Upadhye has written many books and articles in English and Kannada. 'Pali and Prakrit' (1965) is his solitary book in Kannada. ''vaDDArAdhaneyemba haLagannaDa gadyagrantha', (An ancient Kannada book in prose called Vaddaradhane') 'dharmaparIkshe mattu dhUrtAKyAna', (Dharma Pareekshe and Dhurthakhyana') 'ranna kavi kAla, dEsha mattu vyaktitva, (The period, place and the personality of the poet Ranna') 'prAkritaBASeyalli jainadharma' ('The Jaina literature in Prakrit Language') and 'vaDDArAdhanege hinnele' (Background to Vaddaradhane') are some of his articles in Kannada.

Important English works of Dr Upadhye are as follows: 1. Upadhye Papers, 1983, Mysore University 2. The Dhurthakhyana-A Critical Study, 1944. 3. Prakrita-Language and Literature 4. M.Govinda Pai- Man of Letters 1976. 4. Nyayavatara, the monumental sixteen volume edition of 'Shatkhandagama (Inclusive of Dhavala) published between 1939-56, which was edited by Upadhyein collaboration with Dr Hiralal Jain bears witness to his erudition and commitment. He has also edited more than fifteen works in Kannada which contain poetry, plays and scholarly treatises by ancient writers such as Kunda Kunda Acharya, Padmanandi Acharya, Yativrushbha ACharya, Vishveshvara and Udyotana Suri.

Some of the Sanskrit works edited by Dr Upadhye are as follows: 1. 'Brihath Kathakosha' (Harishenacharya) 1943 2. 'Varahacharite' (Jatasimha Nandi) 1938 3. 'Svarupa sambodhana Panchavimashati' (Mahasena Pandita) 1944. 4. 'Atmanushasana' (Acharya Gunabhadra) 1961 5. Panchastikayasara', (Kunda Kunda Acharya

Thus Dr A.N.Upadhye has rendered yeoman service in reconstructing the histories of Sanskrit Prakrit and Kannada literatures. His work was appreciated by many inter national and national awards.



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