Sheikh Ali, B. ( ಬಿ. ಷೇಕ್ ಅಲಿ ) is an eminent historian from Karnataka who is well known in his peer group for his contribution to the theory of history and its application to the ground realities of Karnataka. He was a student of Mysore University and retired from the same institution as a professor of History. He was the Vice Chancellor of the Goa University as well as the Mangalore University . He was responsible for the emergence of a number of scholars in History from the University of Mysore . His contributions to the Historical studies of ancient Karnataka have to do with the history of Western Gangas. He has supported the point of view that the Gangas hailed from the South Karnataka and that the early chieftains of the clan (prior to their rise to power) were natives of the southern districts of modern Karnataka. He does not approve the fact that early Gangas were Jains. A major share of his seminal work belongs to the period of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. He has succeeded in establishing Tipu Sultan as a secular patriot rather than a religious zealot.

Some of his works are listed below:

  1. History : Its Theory and Method, Macmillan, New Delhi ,
  2. History of the Western Gangas (Comprehensive History of Karnataka, Volume 1), 1976, University of Mysore, Mysore .
  3. ‘Goa wins freedom: Reflections and Reminiscences’, 1986, Goa University .
  4. ‘Tipu Sultan, A great martyr’, edited by B.Sheikh Ali, 1992, I.C.H.R., New Delhi

(Papers presented at a seminar organized by the Bangalore University in collaboration with the Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi, 1992.)

  1. ‘Tipu Sultan’, B. Sheikh Ali, National Book Trust, New Delhi
  2. ‘British relations with Hyder Ali’, (1760-1782), 1963, Rao and Raghavan
  3. ‘A great teacher’, 1997, Prasaranga, University of Mysore
  4. ‘Islam, a cultural orientation’, 1981, Macmillan, Delhi .
  5. ‘Essays on Indian history and culture’: felicitation volume in honor of Professor B.Sheikh Ali, Ed. by H.V.Sreenivasa Murthy, 1990, Mittal Publications.



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