Munglimane Mariyappa Bhat (ಮುಂಗ್ಲಿಮನೆ ಮರಿಯಪ್ಪ ಭಟ್) was a well known lexicographer, linguist and a scholar who worked ceaselessly for three decades to further the cause of Kannada literature and culture particularly in the University of Madras and in a broader sense in the city itself. After obtaining a B.A. degree in Physics and Mahematics, (1928) he went to Madras in search of a job. He secured an M.A. degree in Kannada from the University while working as a Kannada pandit in the Christian High School . He was promoted as a lecturer in Kannada. He left for United Kingdom in 1955, for specialised studies in Linguistics in the department of Oriental and African studies at the University of London . He was made the professor of Kannada in the Madras University in which capacity he served diligently till his retirement.

He has some original works to his credit. They are as follows:

1.      Sankshipta Kannada Sahityacharitre 1960

2.      Kannada Samskriti 1967

3.      Santara Charitre 1960

4.      nal NuDi naaNNuDi

5.      Keshiraja (Monograph)

He has published about forty articles on Kannada language, literature and culture in various research journals and periodicals. ‘Kannada Samskriti’ is a collection of 35 such articles.

In addition to his monumental work of revising and publishing Reverend Kittel’s Kannada-Kannada-English dictionary in 1968 in four volumes, Mariyappa Bhat has compsed a glossary of Havyaka words. He was a member of the editorial committee and later the Chief Editor and the Chairman of the editorial committee of the Kannada-Kannada Nighantu published by the Kannada Sahitya Parishat. He was a member of the editorial committee of the English-Kannada dictionary published by the University of Mysore . His Havyaka-English dictionary came out in 1983.

Textual criticism was an abiding passion of Mr. Bhat as well as his department. The work started by A.Venkata Rao and H. Sheshayyangar continued unabatedly during his tenure. He edited quite a few texts on his own and collaborated with others in many more such efforts. He was the general editor for a few works published by his colleagues. They may be classified as follows.

  1. Edited by M.Mariyappa Bhat

1. ‘Chandassara’ by Gunavarma, 1942

2. ‘Abhinavabhidana’ (Mangaraja Nighantu), 1951

3. ‘Sadguru Rahasya Gurubasava’, 1951

4.      ‘Vyavahara Ganita’ by Rajaditya, 1956

5.      Selected Kannada Inscriptions

6.      Dravidian Comparative Vocabulary (With others)

  1. Edited by Mariyappa Bhat and M.Govinda Rao

1. ‘Vardhamana Purana’ by Achanna, 1952

2. ‘Parshvanatha Purana’ by Parshva Pandita, 1954

3. ‘Jatakatilakam’ by Sridharacharya, 1955

4. ‘Vishnupuranam’ by Chikkupadhyaya, 1957

3. Edited by Mariyappa Bhat and T.Chandrashekharan

1. ‘Sangeetha Ratnakara’, 1950

4. Edited by A. Venkata Rao and H.Sheshayyangar (General Editor M. Bhat)

1. Khagendramanidarpana by Mangarasa-2, 1942

5. Edited by Mariyappa Bhat and Shankara Kedilaya

1. Tulu-English Dictionary, 1967

(Manor’s Dictionary, revised)

In addition to these he has published a few anthologies in collaboration with others. They are ‘Halagannada Kavya Sangraha’, (1957) ‘Hosagannada Kavyashree’ (1957) and ‘Sarvajna Vachana Sangraha’ (1971)

Prof Mariyappa Bhat has received many honours in recognition of his services from various institutions. Karnataka Government, Karnataka Sahitya Academy and Dravidian Linguistics Associations are the prominent ones among them.



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