Keralapura Krishnamoorthy, (ಕೃಷ್ಣಮೂರ್ತಿ,ಕೇರಳಾಪುರ)(kEraLApura kruSNamUrti) was a great scholar and academic in the fields of Sanskrit language and literature. He is gratefully remembered by the Kannada literary community for his translations of Sanskrit works in Kannada. This passion of his encompassed both creative literature and celebrated texts on poetics.

He was born in Keralapura, a small village in Hassan district and obtained an M.A. degree in Sanskrit from the University of Mysore in 1943. The University of Bombay awarded a Ph.D. degree to Krishnamoorthy in 1947. He worked in places such as Mysore , Kumata and Bagalakote before joining Karnataka University as a Professor and Head of the department of Sanskrit. He retired in that capacity in 1983.

Krishnamoorthy has a number of publications to his credit in Sanskrit, English and Kannada. They include genres such as translation, textual edition and a number of original works. His basic interests were Sanskrit poetics, Sanskrit drama and literary theory. His desire to make available the basic texts of Sanskrit poetics to Kannada readers has resulted in translations and commentaries that have enduring merit. He has rendered prose and poetry in Sanskrit in their original form. He did not evince any particular interest in linking his erudition to the literary tradition of Kannada. This trait is present in his theoretical works also. He is more interested in elucidation than a critical analysis. He fits admirably in the net work of Pan Indian scholars in Alankara Shastra. The scholastic world of the west also was interested in gaining an access to the originals. A list of important contributions, among approximately eighty works published by K.Krishnamoorthy is presented here:

a. Edited Works:

1.      Dhvnyaloka’(dhvanyAlOka) by Anandavardhana

2.      Vakroktijeevita’(vakrOktijIvita) by Kuntaka

3.      Natyashastra of Bharatamuni with commentaries by Abhinavaguptacharya’(nATyashAstra), 1992, University of Baroda

4.      Yashodharacharite’(yashOdhara carite) by Vadiraja, 1963, Karnataka University .

5.      Subhashitasudhanidhi’ (suBASitasudhAnidhi) by Sayana, 1968, Karnatak University .

6.      Kavirajamarga’(kavirAjamArga) by Shrivijaya

b. Translations of Sanskrit creative Works:

1.      ‘Kannada Uttararamacharita

2.      ‘Kannada Kiratarjuneeya

3.      ‘Kannada Mrucchakatika

4.      ‘Kannada Pratimanataka

5.      ‘Kannada Yajnaphala

6.      Six one act plays of Bhasa

c. Translations of Works on Sanskrit Poetics

1.      ‘Kannada Kavyalankara’ by Bhamaha

2.      ‘Kannada Kavyaprakasha’ by Mammata

3.      Kavyalankara Sutravrutti’ by Vamana

1.      Dhvanyalokalochana mattu Lochanasara

2.      ‘Kannada Kavyameemamse’ by Rajashekhara

3.      Auchityavichara Charche’ by Kshemendra

d. Original works in Kannada

1.      Kannadadalli Kavyatatva’ (kannaDadalli kAvyatatva)

2.      Anandavardhanana Kavyameemamse’ (Anandavardhanana kAvyamImAmse)

3.      Rasollasa’ (rasOllAsa)

4.      Srujansheelate mattu Panditya’ (srujanashIlate mattu pANDitya)

5.      Bharateeya Kavyameemamase: Tatva mattu prayoga’ (BAratIya kAvyamImAmse:tatva mattu prayOga)

e. Original Works in English

1.      ‘Essays in Sanskrit Criticism’, 1964, Karnatak University , Dharwar.

2.      ‘Some Thoughts on Indian Aesthetics and Literary Criticism’, 1968, Mysore University .

3.      ‘The Dhvanyaloka and its Critics’, 1983, Bharateeya Vidyapeetha Publications.

4.      ‘New bearings of Indian Literary theory and criticism’, 1982, B.J. Institute of Learning and Research.

5.      A Critical Inventory of Ramayana Studies in the World’,1991, Sahitya Academy , (Edited Work, with others)

6.      ‘Aspects of Poetic language: an Indian Perspective’, 1986, University of Poona

7.      ‘Indian literary theories: a Reappraisal’, Meharchand Lachhmandas Publications.

8.      ‘Theory of Suggestion in Poetry’, 1955, Oriental Book Agency

9.      Studies in Indian Aesthetics and Criticism’, 1979, D.V.K.Murthy, Mysore

In addition to these he has published a number of monographs on great writers such as Kalidasa, Bhasa, Bhavabhuti, Panini and Banabhatta (Sahitya Academy ). He has published about 300 research articles in reputed journals and reviewed hundreds of books for periodicals.

The contributions of Krishnamoorthy have received many honors and awards in India and abroad. Certificate of Honor awarded by the president of India , Rajyotsava Prashasti, Uttara Pradesh Sanskrit Academy Award, Kane (kANe) Gold Medal from Bombay are some among them. His disciples and admirers have presented him with two felicitation volumes namely ‘Anandabharati’ in English and ‘Abhijnana’ in Kannada. Krishnamoorthy is to be remembered for laying a sound foundation for a meaningful dialogue between Kannada and Sanskrit.


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