KRISHNA RAO M.V., 1901-1971


Krishna Rao M.V. (ಕೃಷ್ಣರಾವ್ ಎಂ.ವಿ.) was a political scientist anda historian. He obtained his Master’s degree from the University of Mysore and joined the Maharaja’s College, Mysore as a lecturer in Political Science. He proceeded to the U.K. , to pursue higher studies in his subject under Herald Laski the celebrated political scientist. After his return he first became an assistant professor in political science and later a Professor of History. He contributed handsomely to the pedagogy and research in history for a long time even after his retirement in 1956. His work on the Gangas of Talakadu is deemed to be an authentic study even now. He was an honorary member of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain. He took an active part in the writing the history of Freedom Movement in Karnataka. He has contributed a number of articles to the Kannada Vishvakosha published by the University of Mysore .

Some of his important publications are listed below.

1.      Gangas of Talakad’, 1936, B.G. Paul, Madras .

2.      ‘Studies In Kautilya’, 1958,Munshi Ram Manchal Lal, New Delhi .

3.      ‘Growth of Indian Liberalism in the nineteeth century’, 1951, Published by H.Venktaramaiah and sons.

4.      ‘A brief survey of the Mystic Tradition in religion and art in Karnataka’, 1959, Vardha Publishing House, Delhi .

5.      Purandaradasa and the Hariadasa Movement’, 1966, Karnataka University , Dharwar.

6.      Karnataka (States of our Union), 1975, Publication Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India, New Delhi .

7.      Organised Democracy’, 1952, H.Venkataramaiah and Sons, Bangalore .

8.      ‘Karnataka Itihasa Darshana’, (With M.Keshava Bhat), 1971, Karnataka Sahakari Prakashanamandira, Bangalore .

9.      ‘Glimpses of Karnataka’, (Edited Work)



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