KALBURGI M. M., (b.1938)


Malleshappa Madivalappa Kalburgi, (ಮಲ್ಲೇಶಪ್ಪ ಮಡಿವಾಳಪ್ಪ ಕಲಬುರ್ಗಿ) (mallEshappa maDivALappa kalburgi) is one of the most renowned scholars in Karnataka. His work spans many fields such as epigraphy, history of literature, prosody, history, archaeology, textual criticism, manuscriptology, folklore, study of place names, literary criticism and in the background of all this a continuous study of culture. He has tried his hand in creative literature also and has composed a couple of plays and a collection of poems.

Kalburgi belongs to Yaragalla village in Sindagi talluk of Bijapura district and he was born in Gubbevada village of the same talluk. He had a brilliant academic career and obtained his B.A. (1960) and M.A. (1962) degrees from Karnataka University securing top honors at both levels. He obtained a Ph.D. in 1968 for his dissertation titled ‘Kavirajamarga Parisarada Kannada Sahitya’. He started his professional career, as in lecturer in Kannada at the Karnatak College , Dharwar(1962) and moved on to the Kannada Department of Karnatak University in 1966. He has rendered yeoman service in various capacities at the department and the University both as an academic and an administrator. He held a professor’s post in that University for nineteen years. His total teaching career spans thirty nine years. He has undertaken many research projects and completed them successfully, in addition to guiding the research activities of his students. Dr Kalburgi occupied the coveted position of the Chancellor of Kannada University (1998-2001). He was responsible for launching many important projects during his tenure. He continues to envisage, plan and execute many ambitious projects even after his superannuation. Kalburgi was the chief editor for the fifteen volumeVachana Sahitya Samputa’ published by the Governmnet of Karnataka. He was a member of the editorial committee that brought out ‘Samagra Keertana Samputa’.

Research has been Dr Kalburgi’s forte for more than four decades. He has published more than seventy five books and about four hundred articles. The range and depth of these publications are amazing. It is not possible to enumerate more than a few important books in this introductory note.




1. ‘Kavirajamarga Parisarada Kannada Sahitya, 1973

2. ‘Shaasana Vyaasanga’ Part 1 and part 2, 1974, 1975

3. ‘Marga’ – 4 volumes, 1988-2004

4. Shasana Vyasanga: ‘Samadhi, Balidana,

Veeramarana Smarakaglu, 1980

5. ‘Aitihasika, 1984


1. ‘Shaasana Sampada, 1968

2. ‘Dharawada Jilleya Shaasana Suuchi, 1975


Texts on various disciplines:

1.      ‘Kannada Granthasampadana Shastra, 1972

2.      ‘Kannada Hastaprati Shastra, 1993

3.      ‘Kannada Samshodhana Shastra, 1992

4.      ‘Kannada Sthalanama Vijnaana, 1989

Textual Criticism:

(Kalburgi has edited about thirty ancient texts)

1. “Shivayoga pradeepikaa, 1976

2. ‘Kondaguli Keshirajana Krutigalu, 1978

3. ‘Basavannana Teekina Vachanagalu, 1978

4. Sirumananayakana Sangatya, 1983


1. ‘Janapada Marga, 1995

2. ‘Uttara Karnatakada Janapada Sahitya, 1978

Creative Literature:

1.      Neeru Neeardasittu’ (Poetry)

2.      Kettittu Kalyana’ (Play)

(Please go to the Web site of Dr Kalburgi for an exhaustive list of his publications)

Among the publications mentioned above the four volumes of ‘Marga’ constitute a huge compendium of research articles relating to the culture of Karnataka. Kalburgi has is a genuine combination of the great scholars of North Karnataka and the scholarly tradition of princely Mysore . He has never hesitated to start controversies if he is convinced about the veracity of his views. He is sure of his sources and draws insightful conclusions. He has visited many countries abroad in search of materials and used them judiciously. He is deeply involved in many more ambitious projects.

He has received many honors and accolades for his services. They include book prizes for six of his publications given by Karnataka Sahitya Academy , Rajyotsava Award, Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award, Pampa Prashasti, Chidananada Prashasti and Vishvamanava Prashasti.

To top it all, Kalburgi was awarded Kendra Sahitya Academy Award for his work ‘Marga-4’. ‘Kalburgi-60’ and ‘Mahamarga’ are the more important ones among the six felicitation volumes presented to this scholar.



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