TaaLagunda(ತಾಳಗುಂದ) is an ancient village in the Shikaripura talluk of Shivamogga district. This was a celebrated agrahaara during the regime of Kadambas.(12-13th century) It was then known as Sthaanagundapura. sthaanakundur and taanagundur are other variants. There was a Kadmba tree in the courtyard of a Brahman family and hence the family was know as Kadambas. It is documented that the village was established by trinetra (mukkaNNa) an ancestor of Mayuuravarma the founder of Kadamba dynasty. An inscription says that Mayuuravarma was born and had his early education in Talagunda before moving over to Kanchi in Tamilnadu in persuit of higher education.

There are many ancient temples in TaaLagunda. praNaveshvara, gangaadhareshvara, trineetra and veerabhadra temples are the more prominent ones among them. There is huge pond built by kaakusthvarma near praNaveshvara temple. There is an inscription on a stone pillar in front of this temple. (Approx. 450 A.D.) It was composed in Sanskrit by the poet kubja as per the instructions of shantivarma., son of kakusthavarma. Establishment of Kadmba dynasty is the theme of this inscription. It emphasises the role played by Mayuuravarma and calls kaakusthvarma by the title ‘kadamba kulabhushana’.

Talagunda was a famous educational centre (Agrahaara) in the 12th 1nd 13th centuries. Veda, Vedanta, Prabhakara Mimamsa, linguistics and Kannada were some of the subjects taught here. The income accrued to the pranaveshvara temple was reserved for the salaries of the teachers and the boarding expenses of the students. There is a veerashaiva maTh towards the east of the villages which contains a seat (gadduge) ascribed to Allamaprabhu. doNNanaguDDa which according to a legend happens to be the place where the demon Bakasura was killed by Bheema is situated near by.



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