Sollapura(ಸೊಲ್ಲಾಪುರ) is a big town in Maharashtra, at a distance of 672 kilometers from Bangalore. The etymology of the word Sholapur is not ‘Solah Pur’ (16 villages) as it was once believed. Historically it was known as Sonnalige. (sonnalige) There are inscriptional evidences to prove this. The name evolved like sonnaligi, sonalpura, sandalpura so on and so forth till the present name Sholapur was arrived at.

Sonnalige was ruled by many royal dynasties such as Andhrabhrutya, Chalukya, Rashtrakuta, Yadava, Kalachuri and the Bahmani kingdom. Sholapur is very much a part of Kannada land and culture. It is associated with Shivayogi Siddarama, one of the leaders of the Veerashaiva movement started by Basavanna in the twelfth century during the regime of Bijjala of kalachuri dyansty. Sholapur is a multilingual entity with maraTi, Kannada and Telugu being the prominent languages.

Sholapur fort built in the 14th century during the regime of Bahmnai kings. Siddaramashvara temple and the Siddheshvara Lake are some of the important land marks in the city. Siddharama the twelfth century saint poet belonged to this place and he is credited with the building of the lake. Markandeya and Nagareshvara temples are also well known. Dr G.N. Upadhya of Bombay University has published a volume containing the inscriptions found in the Solapura region.


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