1. Title of the Text: a. ವಡ್ಡಾರಾಧನೆ

b. vaDDaaraadhane

c. Worship of the venerable elders

2. Author : a. shivakoTyaachaarya (bhraajishNu) (sivakotyacharya)

b. Tenth Century (Tentative)

c. kOgaLi (Western Part of Bellary District)

d. Jaina

e. Patronage.

f. Titles

3. Genre : a. Prose

b. Meter:

4. Publication details: a. Manuscripts: 1434 A.D. (Palm leaf) Totally seven palm leaf manuscripts are found

b. Year of Publication: 1. Three Stories 1931

2. Complete Text 1949

c. Editor: D.L. Narasimhachar

d. Publisher, Place: D.V.K. Murthy, Mysore-4

e. Later Editions: 1. By T.Keshavabhat, (With a rendering in modern Kannada), 1976, Kannada Sahitya Parishath, Bangalore 2. By Hampa. Nagarajaiah, 1993.


5. A Brief Summary of the work: Vaddaradhane is the earliest extant prose work in Kannada. It is a collection of nineteen stories written in old Kannada replete with Prakrit words. It is based on ‘Bhagavathi Aradhanaa’ in Shaurasenii Prakrit written by Shivarya and Brihatkathakosha written by Harishena in Sanskrit. It depicts the stories of Jaina saints who were known for their piety and an ability to face hardships. They achieved their venerable status after undergoing much travail. They are Sukumaraswamy, Sukaushala swamy, Gajakumara, Sanatkumara Chakravarthy, Anniikaaputhra, Bhadrabahu Bhattaraka, Lalithaghate, Dharmaghosha Bhatara, Siridinna Bhatara, Vrushabhasena Bhattara, Karthika Risi, Abhayaghosha Muni, Vidyuchchora Risi, Gurudatta Bhatara, Chilathaputhra, Dandaka Risi, Mahendradattacharya, Chanakya Risi, and Vrushbhasena Risi. This work throws a lot of light on the contemporary life styles as well as the nature of Kannada during the period of its composition. It is also an important source of historical details. Its leaning towards non-vaidic and Dravidian life style, merit an in depth study.


6. Important Commentaries and Criticism:

a. Commentaries

b. Books: 1. vaDDaaraadhane samskrutika mukhaamukhi (Kannada), Ed. B.M.Puttaiah, Kannada University , Hampi

2. vaDDaaraadhane(Vaddaradhane) H.P. Nagarajaiah, 1968, Prasaranga, Mysore University .

3. Vaddaradhane – A Study (English) B.K.Khadabadi, Research Publication series, Karnataka University , 1968.

c. Articles 1. Introduction by D.L. Narasimhachar (Kannada)

2. Vaddaradhane: T.V.Venkatachala Sastry (English), From: Masterpieces of Indian Literature, Ed. K.M.George, Pub. : National Book Trust Kannada Editor: G.S.Shivarudrappa

7. Other Links: 1. (Vaddaradhane : samskruthika mukhamukhi

2. Vaddaradhane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3. Kamat Research Database - Vaddaradhane


8. Translations from Vaddaradhane:

1.      Vaddaradhane Bhadrabahu Venkatasubbaiah G.

1.      Vaddaradhane Gambireya Kathe Dwarakanath L.

2.      Vaddaradhane Kartika Rishiya Kathe D.R.Shashidhara

4. Vaddaradhane Sukumaraswami Venkatasubbaiah G.

5.      Vaddaradhane Vidyucchora L.D. and D.R.S.From : Ancient Kannada Literature, Ed. T.R.S. Sharma, National Book Trust, New Delhi , 2000


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