1. ತೊರವೆಯ ರಾಮಾಯಣ (Toraveya Ramayana)
  2. toraveya rAmAyaNa
  3. Ramayana written by Narahari belonging to Torave (A village)
  4. Toraveya Narahari, Kumara Valmiki (toraveya narahari, kumAra vAlmIki)
  5. 1500 A.D. (Approximately)
  6. Torave at a distance of 8 K.M. to the west of Bijapur.
  7. Brahmana
  8. None
  9. Kumara Valmiki, Kavirajahamsa
  10. Poetry
  11. Bhamini Shatpadi
  12. Palm leaf and manuscripts
  13. 1870
  14. ho.Ramaswamyshastry, Dakshinamurthy Shastry and Venkataramanashastry.
  15. Krishnarajavilasa Mudraksharashaale, Bangalore
  16. 1. 1891, Editor: Not Known, Publisher: Bangalore Book Depot

2. 1904, Publisher and editor not known

3. 1910, Editor: Not known, Publisher: Vanivilasa Book Depot., Mysore

4. 1921, Editor: Not known, Publisher: Vajapeyam Govindayya and brothers

5. 1927, Editor: Bharati Sampangiramaiah, Publisher: T.N.Krishnaiah Shetty

6. 1956, 1959 (Two volumes) Editors: N.Basavaradhya and B.S.Sannaiah, O.R.I., Mysore

7. 1977, (with prose rendering) Ed.: K.S.Krishnamurthy, Pub.: Kannada Sahitya Parishat

8. 1939, (Abridged version) Ed. and Pub. : Veerappa Basappa Biliangadi

9. 1953, (Abridged version) Ed. N.Basavaradhya and L.Basavaraju

10. Torvey Ramayana by Torvey Narahari (Kumara Valmiki), 2004, Saujanya Books, Nagar Shantilal, Delhi

17. Toraveya Ramayana by Narahari, better known as Kumara Valmiki is the first adoption of entire Ramayana in Kannada by a Vaidic poet. It is a voluminous work consisting 112 sections and approximately 5000 poems composed in Bhamini Shatpadi meter. Not much is known about the antecedents of this poet. This work is influenced occasionally by Adhyatma Ramayana even though it is essentially a reproduction of the Sanskrit epic by Valmiki. The stylistic influence of Kumaravyasa and Kalidasa is evident. In this work, the story of Ramayana is narrated to Parvathi by Shiva. Ravana retains shades of a tragic hero. This work is a simple narrative with out literary ambitions.

Narahari has also written another work called “Airvana Kalaga’ which again in an episode from Ramayana composed in four sections (Sandhi) consisting of 296 poems.


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1.      Kumara Valmiki – Ondu Adhyayana by Seetharamachar, Hosabettu

2.      Kumara Valmiki, Hosabettu Seetharamachar, Prasaranga, Mysore University , Mysore .


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