1.      Nagavarma-2 (ನಾಗವರ್ಮ-2)

2.      nAgavarma-2

3.      Twelfth Century

4.      Dorasamudra in Hoysala Kingdom

5.      Jaina

6.      Narasimha-1 of Hoysala dynasty, also known as jagadeka Malla

7.      Kavita Gunodaya, Kavikarnapura

8.      Nagavarma-2 was a creative writer as well as a scholar in various discilpines such as poetics, grammar, prosody, lexicography et al. His Vardhamana Purana is a biographical account of Vardhamana written in epic form. This is virtually a translation of the story occuring in 'Mahapurana' written in Sanskrit by Kavishvara Indrabhuthi. This has not created any ripples in the Kannada literary tradition. Vatsaraja Charite another literary work purportedly written by him is not found. However a bi-lingual scholarship is Nagavarma's forte. Kavyavalokana is a work on poetics composed in Kanda padyas. He draws heavily from Sanskrit texts on poetics such as Bhamaha, Dandi, Vamana, Rudrabhatta and Hemachandra. The first among the five chapters is called 'Shabdasmriti' and gives us some information about old Kannada grammar. This again is depndent on the Sanskrit text 'Katantra' by Sharvavarma. Remaining chapters delinete topics such as guna, dosha, alankara, rasa and kavisamaya. These concepts are profusely illustrated by poems selected from old Kannada texts as well as Nagavarma's compositions. Abhidana Vastukosha is a work composed in verse which gives Kannada equivalents of Sanskrit words commonly used in Kannada during those days. Sanskrit dictionaries by Vararuchi, Amarasimha, Halayudha etc are his sources. This was published by the Madras University in 1933. Karnataka Bhashabhushana is a grammar of old Kannada written in Sanskrit. This was edited by B.L.Rice and published by Mysore Goverment Press as early as 1884. The editor has gien an English transliteration of the original sutras and gives and explains the same in English. This contains ten chapters which constitutes 280 sutras. The illustations are befittingly selected from Kannada literary works. This work contains many phonological and morphological details old Kannada. Essentially Nagavarma is a scholar who tried to create a meaningful interface between Kannada and Sanskrit.

9.      1. Vardhamana Purana 2. Kavyavalokana 3. Abhidana Vastukosha 4. Karnataka Bhashabhushana 5. Chandovichiti (Not Found) 6. Vatsaraja Charite (Not Found)

10. 1. Eradaneya Nagavarma (Kavi Kavya Parampare) Ed. V.Seetharamaiah, 1973, Bangalore 2. Immadi Nagavarma Chitaguppi Bheema Rao, 1983, Mangalore.


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