VIKRAMADITYA-6, 1076-1127 A.D.


Vikramaditya-6 is the greatest monarch of the Kalyani Chalukya dynasty. He is celebrated as a king who was capable in war as well nation building. His regime which lasted for more than half a century is a saga of political shrewdness and valour. He came to power after ousting his elder brother Someshvara. He had ample experience in warfare and administration even before his ascension to the throne. He had some kind of understanding with Kulottunga Chola his counter part in the Chola dynasty. There was a temporary cessation of warfare between these two kingdoms. Consequently, Vikramaditya could indulge in efforts to bring about all round development in the affairs of the state. However he did have minor skirmishes with other kingdoms such as mALava, shilaahaara, paramaara, gurjara, kalacuri, tripuri and he emerged victorious almost invariably. Many parts of Vengimandala in Andhra were under his total control. He ruled over a vast empire stretching from the Kaveri River to the Narmada River. He did face stiff opposition from Hoysala ballaaLa-1 and vishNuvardhana during the fag end of his rule. Initially, Vishnuvardhana was appreciated by Vikramaditya for his success in defeating the cOLas at talakADu. However, Vishnuvardhana’s assaults against ALupas and the kings of NiDagallu did not find favours with him. Gangaraja a general of Vishnuvardhana was victorious in the decisive battle which was fought at kaNNEgAla. (1117-1118 A.D.) However, Vikramaditya vanquished Vishnuvardhana in the battles fought at halasUru and hosavIDu in Shivamogga and Mysore districts respectively. Gradually the emerging Hoysala Empire gained the upper hand.

Vikramaditya had many wives and Chandaladevi from ShilAhAra dynasty was well known for her artistic talents and her patronage of art and culture. Many inscriptions erected during the regime of Vikramaditya have documented his panache for temple building and his patronage of art and culture. Bilhana, a poet from Kashmir who has authored ‘Vikramankadevacharita’ and Vijnaneshvara who has written the celebrated work ‘Mitaakshara’ were present in his royal court. This book on Hindu Jurisprudence is treated as an authority on the subject even to this day. Kalyana was a great city and it is lauded by the contemporary scholars that such a city cannot be found in the past, the present and the future. Vikramaditya’s contribution to this glory is substantial. He was so confident of his achievements that he started, ‘vikrama shaka’ a new era named after him form the year of his ascension to the throne.



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