Santara (sAntara) (ಸಾಂತರರು) is a minor dynasty that flourished in Karnataka, aproximately, between the nineth and seventeenth centuries. They were feudatories of many important kingdoms such as Chalukyas of Kalyani, Rashtakootas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagara kings and the chieftains of Keladi. They are said to have migrated to Karnataka from the town of madhuraa in the north. Jinadatta is the fonder of this dynasty as far as Karnataka is concerned. He was peeved by the treatment meted out to him by his father and came to Humacha in Hosanagara talluk of Shivamogga district in central Karnataka, with nothing but a statue of Padmavathi, a Jaina Goddess. He could build his kingdom with Humacha as the nucleus. This region focused in and around Teerthahalli region was then known as sANtaLige sAvira. SrikEShi, JayakShi, kannara and kAmadEva are some pf the kings who succeeded him.

This dynasty splits in to branches during the twelfth century. One of them started ruling from kaLasha which is now in Chikkmagaluru district and another was stationed in hosagunda. Gradually this branch was forced to shift its capital from Kalasa to keravase and kaarkaLa both is South Canara district. By the beginning of the sixteenth century this kingdom was known as kaLAsa-kArkaLa rAjya and later it was just called kArkaLa rAjya. This dynasty passed in to oblivion after they were thoroughly over powered by the chieftains of Keladi.

Sanataras belonged to the Jaina religion. However the branch that was stationed in Hosagunda embraced Shavism. Beeradevarasa, Bommarasa and Kammarasa are some of the kings belonging to the Hosagunda brach of Santara dynasty. Jakaladevi and Balaraja are among those who ruled from KaLasa.

For more information on the sculpture and architecture of Santaras see the entry on HUMACA.




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