1. Supa Shastra (ಸೂಪಶಾಸ್ತ್ರ)
  2. sUpa shAstra
  3. Mangarasa-3, He was a king at Kallahalli, a village in Hunasur Talluk, Mysore district.
  4. 1508 A.D. (Approximately) (16th Century)
  5. Cusine (The Science of Cooking)
  6. ‘Supashastra’ is one of the early texts in the art and science of cooking in Kannada. This is composed in Vardhaka Shatpadi, a meterical form with six lines. This is apparently a transaltion from Sanskrit and it contains six chapters constituting four hundred and fifty poems. The chapters are devoted respectively to snacks, drinks, rice dishes, curries and dishes made of bamboo shoots. The ingredients, the cooking method and the kind of utensils and ovens needed are delineated in great detail. He mentions many vegetables of which some are region specific and some which are not so. ‘puriviLangay’, ‘savaDu roTTi’, ‘himAmbupAna’, ‘amritavallari’ and ‘gujjaraveni’ are some of the dishes described in this volume.
  7. ‘Mangarasana Supashastra’ edited by S.N.Krishna Jois, 1969, Institute of Kannada Studies , Mysore University , Mysore .

8. 1. The introduction by Sri S.N.Krishna Jois.

2. Kamat's Potpourri: Amma's Column

9. This work is edited very meticulously by making use of six palm leaf manuscripts and a solitary paper manuscript. Mr Jois has given many cross references particularly from the Sanskrit texts and Kannada literary texts with relevant material.

10.The Science of Cooking.





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