1. Jatakatilakam (ಜಾತಕತಿಲಕಂ)
  2. jAtakatilakam
  3. Sridharacharya
  4. 1049 A.D. (11th Century)
  5. Astrology
  6. ‘Jatakatilakam’ is the first work on astrology in Kannada. This was written by Sridharacharya, a scholar who lived in Naragunda of North Karnataka during the regime of Ahavamalla Someshvara the Chalukya king.(1042-1068) He declares that he has written another work called ‘Chandraprabhapurana’ which is now extant. He had titles such as ‘Budhamitra’ (Friend of scholars) and ‘Gadya Padya Vidyadhara’ (One who is adept in both prose and poetry) ‘Jatakatilakam’ is a champu work consisting of Kandas and Vruttas. It is divided in to twenty four chapters. They are respectively sanjnA, balAbala, garBadAna, janma, tiryagjanma,(viyOni janma) ariSTa, ariSTaBanga, AyurdAya, dashAntardashA, aSTakavarga, jIva, rAjayOga, nABisamyOga, candrayOga, dvitriyOga, dIkshAyOga, rAshishIla, lagnaBAva, drEkkANa, druSTa, aniSTayOga, strIjAtakaPala, niryANa and naSTajAtaka. Obviuosly these chapters contain lots of information that may enthuse those that are interested in astrology. The author waxes eloquent about the efficacy and veracity of his work. The work gives stellar conditions that favour longeivity, death in infancy, method of finding the birth star etc. The poet has merely translated many poems from the sanskrit texts on astrology such as Varahamihira’s ‘Bruhajjataka’ and ‘Laghujataka’ as well as Kalyanavarma’s ‘Saravali’ even though he does not acknowledge the originals. However this book deserves credit for being the first of its kind in Kannada. He describes his work as independent of other academic disciplines. (Anyashastra Nirapeksham)
  7. Sridharacharyana ‘Jatakatilakam’ Ed. by S.N.Krishn Jois, 1959, Institute of Kannada Studies, Mysore University , Mysore . (Reprinted in 1977 and 2003)

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